"EasyGoing" Bundle

"EasyGoing" Bundle

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Excellent product and value. I ordered the product for my anxiety, also for my painful arthritis. It easy to take and definitely makes a difference. Service and delivery were very quick and easy.


“EasyGoing” Bundle


A bundle that you can’t go wrong with, packed with full spectrum CBD oil 1000mg, CBD Oil 1000mg Mint and all mighty CBD isolate 1000mg!

Haven’t found your CBD taste yet? No worries, as this bundle offers three different options and tastes. Great for first timers and someone who already knows what they want, but wish to try something new.

Health is the best present, so you won’t slip up with this bundle. Perfect for your loved ones, friends, colleagues or for yourself.  Even the pickiest taste will be satisfied!


Full Spectrum CBD oil 1000mg: Full Spectrum CBD extract 1000mg, MCT oil (Organic Fractionated Coconut oil)

CBD Oil Mint 1000mg: CBD Isolate 1000mg, Organic MCT Oil, Natural peppermint flavour

CBG isolate 1000mg: CBG isolate 100%



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