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Here, in our CBD Blog, you will find just relevant material about CBD. We want that more people could have a chance to get quality information. To get more knowledge and easy access to it. For some people, CBD is a completely new thing and others already know a lot about it. There are still so many, who think that CBD is an illegal drug. That’s why the VerusHemp team decided to share their knowledge with all of you. We are doing our best to create content for everyone. Something new and interesting every time. Most importantly, we will try to combine our expertise of history, healthy lifestyle and natural medicine together with CBD, to give you a deeper understanding.

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hemp tea

Hemp Tea Beginners Bible

Have you ever tried hemp tea? Well, this method of CBD consumption is getting more popular every day. Wonder why? Luckily, we have some answers for you today. What is CBD? CBD is one of the best know cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis plant. It is not psychoactive, so it doesn’t cause any mind

CBD for alcohol

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) How Cannabidiol (CBD) Can Help

Many of us already know how beneficial CBD is for our body and mind. Clinical trials prove, that CBD is antioxidant, anxiolytic, and it has antiepileptic properties. That’s definitely not all. We have discussed some of the benefits in our previous blog posts. If you are new to CBD, give it a go, as you

cbd edibles

CBD Edibles – All About CBD Gummies

Today it’s all about sweet things. If you are a candy lover, you will definitely fancy this post about CBD edibles, in particular – CBD gummies. If you are suffering from loads of Stress, Anxiety or Chronic pain there is a huge chance that you are already using CBD. All the different CBD products can


Coronavirus What You Need To Know

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Wednesday 12/03/2020 declared the novel coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. Followed by this announcement, the USA president Donald Trump banned travels to 26 European countries for 30 days from 17/03/2020.From 14th Midday Poland, Denmark and Czechs republic has closed their borders and will remain closed until 13th of April. You


What Is CBG? Cannabigerol Explained

You can easily find loads of information about CBD or THC, but what about other cannabinoids?  At the moment there are more than 120 different cannabinoids. What is really interesting, that they all have different effects on us. By now, we well know that THC is the psychoactive compound. The one that causes “High” feeling,

CBD for Varicose veins

CBD For Varicose Veins

CBD for Varicose veins might be a very effective element in preventing further uncomfortable, unwanted symptoms like itchiness and pain. Are you suffering from Varicose Veins? Well, you are definitely not alone. According to the statistics – visible varicose veins in the lower limbs are affecting at least a third of the population. Unfortunately, there

cbd oil for migraine

CBD Oil for Migraine

Have you seen anyone, who haven’t had any headaches through their lifetime? We here, at VerusHemp, hadn’t. You know how uncomfortable it makes you feel, you can’t cope, you can’t even think clearly, you just feel that strange sensation and you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. But there are people,

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How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work?

How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work?

Probably one of the first things that we think about when we try CBD oil is “How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work?” Well, we will answer this now. CBD CBD is one of the main cannabinoids that can be found in the Hemp plant. It’s non-psychoactive and it binds to the

cbd salve for arthritis pain relief

CBD Salve for Arthritis Pain Relief

CBD Salve for Arthritis Pain Relief One of the main reasons why people buy CBD oil UK online, USA or any other country is to treat Arthritis or prevent its symptoms. We want to share information about this common condition that affect millions around the globe. CBD Salve for Arthritis pain relief is a powerful

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cbd oil for dogs

CBD Oil For Dogs With Osteoarthritis

A few weeks ago we have discussed the help of CBD Salve for Arthritis Pain Relief. Well, this time we will have a look at how CBD oil for dogs with osteoarthritis could help. Dogs are not only our pets and friends, but they are also our family members. Since the old ages dogs were


CBD For High Blood Pressure

Today we will discuss one more CBD benefit, together with learning about our body. We will talk about blood pressure (BP). Main questions that we would like to answer today would be, what is blood pressure? Why is it higher? Most importantly, are there benefits of CBD for high blood pressure? What is blood pressure?

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CBD oil for kids

CBD Oil For Kids

This question comes up very frequently now – should we use CBD oil for Kids? Well, it really depends on why do you want to give it to your child. We all want what’s best to our little ones, but sometimes even the strongest medication can’t help to relieve their troubles. It always breaks our


Quarantine At Home – Best Tips How To Spend Your Time

The current situation in our world is tragical. At the moment we have more than 17 thousand lives lost over COVID-19 virus. The numbers are increasing every hour. By staying at home, many lives could be saved. Some countries are very strict For example, Taiwan’s government has implemented a geo-fence using mobile phones. It means,


CBD For Alzheimer’s Disease

CBD The more frequently we look for information about CBD, the more articles we can find. Sadly, many of them are very misleading. Good news is that people have access to many clinical trials. With all the details of the results. Even better – many of the potential CBD benefits are proved to be true

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CBD oil UK

CBD Tips: 4 CBD habits that must be in your list

2019 passed like a flash, but hopefully, you have learned something new and feeling proud of what you have accomplished!Today we would like to discuss CBD tips: 4 CBD habits, that could help improve your wellbeing and reduce stress. You can use your CBD oil, CBD Isolate, CBD Capsules and CBD Salve to prepare yourself

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cbd benefits

3 CBD Benefits For Our Brain

CBD (cannabidiol) benefits are one of those things that gets a lot of attention in recent years. It looks like it keeps growing and getting better known by people who have lost hope and can’t get help elsewhere, or someone who wants to live a healthy life with no stress in this busy, fast-changing world.

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cbd and hemp oil difference

CBD and Hemp Oil Difference – The New Truth

This topic that we have today for Hemp oil or CBD oil is probably the most confusing for all our customers. It is especially hard to understand for the ones who have decided to try CBD for the first time. Well, forget about all the confusion that you have in your mind now as we

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CBD for Acne

CBD For Acne

Why do I have Acne? Most frequently, hormone changes in adolescence or any age can result in Acne. When small holes in the skin, known as hair follicles, become blocked acne appears. Near the surface of your skin, there are small glands – Sebaceous glands. Hair follicles attach to these glands. Which are small holes

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7 CBD Benefits For Seniors

Importance of CBD for seniors Getting older Life is getting easier and more comfortable, as most of us do not need to hunt for food to be able to survive. The world population is growing rapidly. As people feel more secure and medicine improves every day – we live longer. An interesting fact is that

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CBD isolate or full spectrum

CBD isolate or Full Spectrum CBD?

How to choose? Rapidly growing CBD market can offer us new products daily, but many of them come with new terminology, that looks a bit hard to understand. More and more people these days understand how important it is to eat healthy, to know what kind of products you are using and how they affect

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Women lying on the bed getting CBD massage

Benefits Of CBD Massage

Massage Not too many of us know about massage history or how it actually affects our body. It isn’t just for relaxation, it can actually improve our health and overall well-being. Massage should be a part of our life, if it’s not, you still have time to change it. First, let’s see what massage is

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CBD for Epilepsy

CBD  Was domesticated more than 6000 years ago in China. It happened long time ago. So, another interesting fact is that cannabis and its derivatives have been documented for anti-epileptic effects since 1881. As CBD is used more widely now and more countries legalized it, some people still can’t fully use it. For example, there

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Women sleeping in bed with dog awake CBD for pets VerusHemp CBd for pets

Is CBD For Pets?

The same endocannabinoid system that exists in the human body also exists within all mammals, birds, reptiles. Yes, CBD is for pets Given the fact, that many serious illnesses are now in the list of Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD). This is a condition that is treatable or reduced with cannabidiol (CBD). Logic dictates that endocannabinoid deficiency may

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CBD oil for Depression

CBD Oil For Depression

CBD Oil CBD oil has been found to have a lot of benefits to our health including the treatment for depression. But, people still have many concerns about it. Is it safe to use? How to consume CBD oil? Is it addictive? And so many more. Do not to worry, we will cover them all.

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holidays best tips

Holidays best Tips: 5 Ideas For a Wonderful Christmas

Holidays Best Tips with CBD! Lately, we’ve been talking with many people who feel stressed when Christmas and New Year’s season starts. We know it’s just around the corner now, so we would like to help you make it simple, but unforgettable. There are holidays best tips, that paired with CBD can ease all the

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