cbd and hemp oil difference

CBD and Hemp Oil Difference – The New Truth

This topic that we have today for Hemp oil or CBD oil is probably the most confusing for all our customers. It is especially hard to understand for the ones who have decided to try CBD for the first time.

Well, forget about all the confusion that you have in your mind now as we will help you to understand of what is going will all the CBD and Hemp oil, together with Hemp seed oil by explaining them one by one.

CBD oil

This is the product that you are looking for. Clinical trials prove that it helps to relieve pain, stress, anxiety is anti-inflammatory. Furthermore, over 60% of Cannabidiol users reported that they use CBD to treat medical conditions. It might help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, lower blood pressure, relieve Migraine and Arthritis pain, help with Epilepsy and Depression…The list could go on and on as new proofs come out every day.

Simple rules to find CBD oil that will suit your needs:

1. Decide after which type of CBD product you will go
2. Check the Method. It is important to know how CBD is extracted
3. Strength of the product
4. Size of the product

In order to choose wisely, first, you need to understand the different types of CBD.

Let’s break this list and have a look at what is what and how to choose:

cbd and hemp oil difference

1. There are three main CBD oil types

a. Full Spectrum CBD oil
b. Broad Spectrum CBD oil
c. Pure CBD oil

a. Full Spectrum CBD oil

It is made from the whole plant, from CBD extract. Verushemp extract contains more than 80 different phytocannabinoids. It includes CBD, CBC, CBG, CBG-A, CBC-A, CBN, together with many others. Also many other types of natural molecules (More details here). In addition, this type of CBD oil contains THC.

b. Broad Spectrum CBD oil

Made from the whole plant. It starts like Full spectrum CBD extract, just after the refinement process all THC is removed. This type of oil contains many natural molecules, but it has 0% THC in it.

c. Pure CBD oil

Made from the whole plant. It is made from the purest form of CBD – CBD isolate. It contains just CBD and is 99+% pure. (More details here).

2. Extraction methods

a) Olive oil extraction
b) Solvent
c) CO2

a) Olive oil

Probably, the oldest type of extraction. Raw plant materials are boiled for a long time in the required temperature. This way CBD is extracted. Unfortunately, this oil will not be as concentrated as extraction by other methods.

b) Solvent

In this type of extraction materials like ethanol, butane, propane, isopropyl, or alcohol are used. This is the cheapest method, but the scary part is that it’s not only very dangerous to perform, but it might also be toxic for you too. This study shows, that traces of naphtha hydrocarbons or petroleum residue might be found in the CBD after this extraction method.

c) CO2

Being the most expensive, chlorophyll-free extraction is safe and the most advanced way to extract CBD. It is done by advanced machinery, which at first holds iced CO2 in it. Going thrueout the chambers in the end CO2 rises to the top of the chamber and leaves extracted cannabinoids on the bottom.

VerusHemp believes in the highest quality. All our products are extracted by the superficial CO2 extraction method.

3. Strength of the product

You see the numbers on the bottle like 1500mg 15%, but don’t know what it means? You are not alone. Many CBD users, especially first timers understand them wrong or don’t know what it means at all.
This is why we are here today, to clear things out.

The numbers that refer to mg, for example, 1000mg in 10ml bottle, means the total amount of CBD in the bottle. In this case 1000mg of CBD (or 1gram as 1000mg=1g) in 10ml.

The other example – 4500mg in 30ml bottle would be 4500mg of CBD (4,5gram as 1000mg=1g) in 30ml bottle.

The numbers that refer to %, for example, 1000mg in 10ml bottle is 10%, means the concentration of the true measure. In other words, the drop-for-drop strength of a product.

The other example – 4500mg in 30ml has 15% concentration of CBD.

VerusHemp has three options when we are talking about strength:
5% CBD oil – 500mg in 10ml Pure and Full Spectrum
10% CBD oil – 1000mg in 10ml Pure and Full Spectrum
15% CBD oil – 1500mg in 10ml Pure and Full Spectrum or 4500mg in 30ml Pure and Full Spectrum

cbd and hemp oil difference

4. Size of the product

If you are a first time CBD user – try a smaller bottle. 10ml bottle size should be perfect to understand what you like and what suits you best. Deals are tempting, but maybe that oil will be too strong, or you won’t like the taste and you will decide to go for a different product. When you find which type of CBD oil suits you best, just stick to it for a while. After three, four months do a break for about two weeks. This way you will enjoy CBD most and will gain all the benefits.

The game is changing for Hemp oil. Sadly, most of the blogs written out there doesn’t help. They make people even more confused. What is Hemp oil? Why am I looking for CBD oil and getting results for Hemp oil?

People used to call Hemp seed oil – Hemp oil. Well, not anymore.

As CBD is forbidden in most of the selling platforms and it is forbidden to advertise by such names like Google and Facebook, sellers simply use Hemp instead of CBD.

CBD is made from a whole Hemp plant. So, it is Hemp oil. The difference is that Hemp oil has CBD and Hemp seed oil doesn’t have it.

Attention, as this is where you need to be very cautious and careful. There are so many scammers out there who claim that they are selling Hemp oil (with an intention to look like it’s CBD oil) when in reality you receive just a Hemp seed oil. We have seen many fake sellers like this.

If you think that price is too good to be true – 9 times out of 10 it is. You will not be able to get high quality Hemp (CBD) oil on eBay or Amazon for ridiculously low prices. In most of the time, you will receive Hemp seed oil.

If you want to buy your CBD oil on Amazon or eBay, always look for such hints

1) Hemp extract (if it’s not there, it’s probably hemp seed oil)

2) Hemp isolate (if it’s not there, it’s probably hemp seed oil)

3) The whole plant (if you see just seeds, it will be hemp seed oil)

4) Extraction method – CO2 is the best option (If you see cold pressed – it will be hemp seed oil)

5) How many mg of extract or isolate is on the bottle (if it’s not there, it’s probably hemp seed oil)

6) Price (too good to be true? better skip the cheapest ones right away as again, it will be hemp seed oil)

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If you still have questions, always contact the seller and see what they are telling. If it doesn’t seem right, just ask for lab results!

Once again, this is where people get into trouble. Some customers do not understand lab results. There are sellers, who send hemp seed oil lab results and consumers think that as long as this seller is sending me something it should be ok. It is not. You have plenty of information on Google on how to read lab results. Use it wisely.

Hemp seed oil

This is where mistakes rise again. People are so overwhelmed of all the CBD market and some really bad sellers, that they think – Hemp seed oil contains CBD.

This is a huge, fat lie that scammers do. Hemp seed oil does not contain CBD. Hemp seed oil is healthy, that is a fact. Also, it contains over 30% fat. Moreover, it has Omega-6, Omega-3, high-quality protein source, Vitamin E and much more (More details here)! It just does not contain CBD. This is why you can easily buy it in any supermarket around the world.

Hemp seed oil (sometimes called cannabis Sativa seed oil) is made by cold pressing the seeds of Hemp. It does not contain any other parts of this plant, only seeds. The Sativa seed oil also doesn’t have any cannabinoids in it. It is still good for your health, but it will not be as helpful as CBD could be with pain, anxiety or stress relief.

Hemp or CBD oil

As mentioned before, do not forget to check all the 6 main hints that describe Hemp CBD oil. These simple steps can help to save yourself from sellers who use people confusion. The market moves forward and telling that you can’t buy Hemp CBD oil on other selling platforms is naive and gives false information to your customers.

We hope that we have answered some of your questions today about Hemp or CBD oil and it helped to clear your mind. If there is still something that confuses you or you have some more questions, do not hesitate to contact us and ask [email protected] or simply fill in the form here.

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