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Not too many of us know about massage history or how it actually affects our body. It isn’t just for relaxation, it can actually improve our health and overall well-being. Massage should be a part of our life, if it’s not, you still have time to change it. First, let’s see what massage is and later we will discuss the benefits of CBD.

Massage – is an ancient art. To point out, it is highly valuable as it helps to take away our tension in daily life. In ancient Roman and ancient Greek times, it was a really huge part of their culture. Back then, doctors told that massage can help in treating conditions as diverse as asthma, sterility and even digestive disorders. Hippocrates in BC 460 was prescribing massage to his patients who had joint problems. To be the truth, it was equally important in ancient Egypt, China, Japan, and India.

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Swedish Massage

No doubts, Swedish massage is the most popular and most used in the Western world. Per – Henrik Ling (1776 – 1839) established a foundation for the classic Swedish massage.

In 1878 Johan Georg Mezger who was a Dutch Massage Practitioner used French terms for five main massage techniques and formulated the “Swedish Massage System” phrase.

Most popular Global massage techniques:

Balinese massage

Chinese Tui Na

Hot Stone massage

Indian Ayurveda

Hawaiian massage

Thai massage

Deep Tissue massage

Sports massage

Holistic massage

Cranial Sacral massage

Remedial massage


Indian Head massage

Therapeutic massage

Pregnancy massage

Aromatherapy massage

Work Place massage


Surely, there is a wide choice when we are talking about massage. It is necessary to experiment and find the one which suits your health condition best and gives the most results. All of these massages are targeting at least one of three effects on our body:

Psychological (affects mood)

 Truly, massage has an amazing impact on our mood. After a good massage, you should feel stress relief, energizing effect, there should be a mental relaxation and improving general health.

Physical (sensations)

benefits of cbd

 Some of us choose to go to a massage salon or SPA just to relax, but for some of us, massage is a saver. Back pain, leg pain or headaches might improve after a good massage. Temporary, or even long term pain relief. Do not forget relaxed tension in muscles or relaxation. In addition, lowered body temperature and stress relief are few sensations that you feel after the massage.

Physiological (changes in the body) 

 The longest list with the positive impact of the massage is for our body. For example, the stimulation of the digestive system, urinary system or small muscle fibres, all this is just the beginning. It also increases the removal of waste products. Also, it increases oxygen and nutrients to our cells. Coupled with releasing lactic acid in muscles it lowers our heart rate and blood pressure. Lastly, it aids the desquamation of the skin, together with rejuvenation.

Benefits of the massage with CBD

In a few previous blogs, we have already discussed the effect of CBD on our bodies. How can CBD improve some medical conditions and our immune system? Today we will skip the part of how CBD works. You can find it here and here and some more tips here. But, we will definitely discuss what extra benefits CBD could bring into the massage. Yes, massage really can be even better and more beneficial to your health.

Relieve Anxiety and Stress

The massage itself relaxes the body and mind. Sometimes tension is so strong, that even a great massage can’t make too much magic. That’s why you should try to use CBD Salve or CBD Oil. Plenty of studies have shown that CBD has strong anti-anxiety qualities. Together, with incredible power to induce relaxing and calming results without getting a person “high” – unlike THC. As noted before, People tolerate CBD better than traditional pharmaceutical medications. That usually has plenty of not so nice side effects.


Reduce Inflammation

Association between sharp pain especially at joints or in our muscles and Inflammation are unbreakable. Applying CBD Salve or CBD Oil on the exact troubled area will help to reduce swelling. Together with reducing and relieving discomfort raised due to sore muscles.

Important to realize, that CBD has a stronger effect on the CB2 receptor which affects our immune system. Our immune system responses to an outside risk by inflammation. CBD’s capability to aim for the CB2 receptor can reduce it. So, next time you’ll want a massage, choose a CBD one.

CBD for chronic pain management

Every day, more people get familiar with CBD benefits. Some of them are too tired of the side effects of pharmaceutical medication. The others, want to heal naturally and there are people, who tried so many things already, but nothing helped. These days many of us suffer from chronic pain. There are a number of reasons, from an injury to a medical disorder. The fact is that chronic pain drains your energy and takes away your good mood and joy for small things. But, CBD massage might change that.

Reducing inflammation might help, as it also relieves pain. CBD also increases blood flow throughout the areas that are affected and soothes muscle tension. In addition, CBD products used in massage can help to reduce blood pressure. Adding stress relieve and boost the recovery of muscles that have experienced injury or overtraining. While having a massage, CBD will help to loosen muscles, reduce pain and inflammation which will allow faster healing.

Improving your skin

During the massage, CBD will be applied directly to the skin. This means that your skin will be pampered and hydrated like never before. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, so it reduces inflammation, which can help to reduce acne. Another great benefit of CBD massage would be that it helps to reduce the production of oil in the skin. So, it helps to reduce blemishes. Even more, CBD contains linoleic acid. It works together in reducing oil production on the skin and it again would help for acne breakouts.

Get back to balance

 The treatment of a firm touch in the right places has positive effects on muscle and joint pain. Together with reducing stress, anxiety, headaches, digestive disorders or even sleep disorders. Adding CBD to the massage, can enhance all these benefits and make you feel even better. So, make sure that next time you’ll call in to book a massage, ask your therapist about CBD.

If you do not want to go to the massage salon you can always treat yourself at home. You can simply use CBD Salve or CBD oil or mix CBD Isolate with any carrier oil you like and gently massage it into the area where you feel pain. Most important, do not forget to do it daily to get all the benefits of CBD. You will not only reduce the pain but in addition, you will have better long term results.

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