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Fantastic It really helps me a lot. I suffer from bad temperament… a little depression, anguish and anxiety. I just started taking the oil and everything including my anxiety is getting better. It appears I got my life back. Thank you.
Sara Evans
Manchester, UK
This product arrived on time and worked as described. I was expecting maybe a bit more intense feeling, but I was pleasantly surprised when I just felt calm and relaxed. It was a natural feeling. Recommended.
Olivia Lee
London, UK
It seems to be a quiet good on muscles relaxation… now I have less spasms on hemp oil than I did with other meds, that I used. It helps so much with my back pain, that if I forget to take it for a day I can really feel how much worse it gets.
Trevor Lee
Melbourne, Australia
I am a massage terrapist and I mix Hemp oil into my carrier oils for a more relaxing massages. My clients are very happy and I got so many great reviews. As a professional I can say that it's an amazing way to treat yourself.
Delphine Beaumont
Paris, France
I've bought Hemp Oil and it didn't work! I contacted customer service and they gave me great advices, sometimes you just need to change your dosage, use your drops in a different way or build it up in your system. Patience and experimentation is the key.
Lilly Williams
London, UK
I’ve read lots of reviews for hemp products and this is the second bottle of hemp capsules I’ve purchased. It works wonders for my anxiety. This product is very well made and has helped me wean myself off my xanax rx. Again, I’m very thankful.
Hans Weber
Hamburg, Germany
how to use CBD Hemp products?
There are many ways of how to take hemp products. The most popular is Cannabidiol or CBD oil, as you can easily adjust the dosage you need. The suggested general direction for use would be to place 10 drops (1/2 a dropper) under the tongue. Hold for 60-90 seconds 1 – 2 times per day. If you think, that you didn’t sense the results that you were expecting, or it was too strong, you can simply regulate it by slightly increasing, or lowering the number of drops.

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